To improve accessibility, our doctors are offering telemedicine visits via secure two-way video conferencing. Our patients would be able to use their webcam-enabled computers (Firefox or Chrome browsers), iPhones/iPads (iphone app), or Android smartphones (Chrome web browser) to have a video conference with him.

To sign up to use our telemedicine service, please follow these steps:

  1. read and submit a consent form electronically: Televisit Info and Consent Form
  2. visit this link to ensure your device is ready for a video conference.
  3. when you wish to make an appointment, call our office to book a telemedicine meeting. 
  4. visit the conference URL for Dr. Lin ( or Dr. Dai ( a few minutes before your appointment. The doctor will start the visit as soon as he is available.



Q: Is my information safe?
A: We currently use a medical-grade telemedicine service called To learn more about their HIPAA compliance, click here to read more. To receive materials via email (e.g. lab requisitions or prescriptions), there is more potential risk for interception. No material will be emailed to you without your request.

Q: How much does this cost?
A: Telemedicine visit is deemed an important service in the Province of BC, so it is currently covered by your provincial health plan (MSP) and free of charge to you. If you do not have MSP coverage, our current fee for this service is $85 per visit, subject to change. Please note that if an in-person visit is deemed necessary, additional fees will apply for the subsequent visit as well if you do not have MSP coverage.

Q: What can I use this service for?
A: Some examples of appropriate use may include:

  • Medication refills
  • Sick notes (fees may apply) 
  • Review lab results

Please note that an in-person visit is required  for certain prescriptions. 

Q: I have done the consent form. How can I book appointments for telemedicine visits in the future?
A: Please call our office as usual. Our staff will help schedule you for an appointment and remind you of the link to start the teleconference, which will remain the same. You may choose to save the link for future telemedicine visit use.

Q: Who is eligible to use this service?
A: Only current patients of Mango Medical Clinic can use this service.

Q: What happens if I need a prescription or lab test?
A: A prescription can be faxed to a pharmacy of your choice. Written material such as a lab requisition can be emailed to you based on your request. Please note that even though we always take all the proper precautions, emails are less secure than the video conference itself, because emails can be intercepted, mis-addressed, or hacked. Email communication is not recommended for materials of a sensitive matter.