Last Updated: November 8, 2023

Thank you for your interest in joining us!

Doctors/Nurse Practitioner currently accepting patients: **None**.

**Dr Siru Wang, Dr Yvonne Sin and Dr Grace Kwok are locum doctors. They do not accept patients. Please do not send intake applications as it will automatically be rejected. Locum doctors are doctors who fills in for another physician while they take a leave or vacation or experience patient overflow.

Intake submissions for Dr Wu, Dr Woo, Dr Lin, Dr Dai, Dr Hung, Dr Yu, NP Pippin, Dr L Kan, Dr V Kan, Dr Ma, Dr Tsang, Dr Ho, Dr Tam and Dr Fenn will be automatically rejected unless approved prior to the submission of your intake forms.

Some of our doctors may also have some capacity to take on family members of existing patients. Do not submit your intake forms without prior confirmation from the staff or indicated doctor as it will be automatically rejected. Please contact our clinic for more information.

**Our clinic does not offer internal patient transfers. Once you have an assigned doctor or nurse practitioner at Mango Medical, we do not transfer your files to another doctor or nurse practitioner in the same clinic. If your family doctor or nurse practitioner is retiring or leaving Mango Medical, we do not transfer or re-assign you to another Mango doctor or nurse practitioner as all doctors and nurse practitioner are at full capacity. If you would like your files to be transferred to another clinic, please call our office for more information.


Only follow these steps to register if we have doctors or nurse practitioner accepting patients (refer to top):
***Please note: is only monitored for intake submission purposes. Do not use this email to contact our office or request for assistance. Please call our office for any inquiries.***

***Please note: Incomplete intake forms will not be processed so please follow the instructions carefully.***

***Please be aware of our zero-tolerance policy which is available on our front page as we do not tolerate any forms of abuse or harassment.***

  1. Download and complete our Clinic Policy. (You will need to mark each check box in the clinic policy form)
    **On the blank line of the first page of the clinic policy form, please put the indicated doctor’s name (please DO NOT put your own name or “Mango Medical Clinic”).**
    **This form is required for each individual regardless of age (Parents/Guardians can complete and provide their signature on behalf of the child(ren)).**
  2. Download and completely fill out an Adult Health History Form; or if you are under the age of 18, a Pediatric Health History Form. **This form is required for each individual. Please also provide the postal code with the address. **
    **If you recently applied for BC MSP, please let us know when your MSP eligibility will become active in the description of your email.**
    **If you have family members already registered at our clinic, please put their full legal name and relationship to you on the 4th page.**
  3. Download and fill out a Transfer of Records Form.
    **Complete this section only if you had a previous family doctor or was seen at another primary medical clinic.**
    **If possible, please provide both phone and fax number in the transfer of records.**
    **If your family doctor retired or moved overseas from British Columbia, you may need to contact MedRecords to retrieve your previous medical records instead of completing this transfer of records form.**
  4. Please email a PDF copy of the forms to: 
    **If possible, please create ONE PDF file (no photos of intake forms) for each patient’s forms. Photos will be automatically rejected.**
    **If you are unable to combine the files, please send a copy of the health history and clinic policy separately.**
    **Do not send links (Apple/Google documents/other third party documents) of your intake forms. Due to the rise of phishing attacks and scams, we will not accept this method of submission.**
    **Please put “New Patient Intake – Patient’s Name – Indicated Doctor’s Name” on the title of your email. **
    **The title and description of the email submission must be in English, since not all of us can read/write in your native language.**
    **If you cannot send your intake forms via email or do not feel comfortable sending your intake forms by email, you can drop off your completed physical intake forms at our Beresford office along with a copy of your ID.**
    **If the doctor you applied for has pre-approved your intake submission, please indicate in your email description. This will be the only way we can check if we can process or decline your intake submission.**
    **Please do not mail or fax your intake forms as it will be rejected.**
    **If we are not accepting intake submissions and you proceed to send your intake application, it will be automatically declined and removed.**
  5. Our staff will either call or email you once we verified that your forms are complete and invite you to book an intake visit with us. Depending on clinic availability and doctor preference, you may be offered the option of phone, virtual (video call) or in-person intake visits.
    **Do not call or email our office regarding your intake status, you will be contacted accordingly.**
    **Some doctors will only give you a time frame of 1 month maximum to return a call to book an intake appointment.**
    **Please note: You must be physically in British Columbia in order book your intake appointment. If you are out of province or overseas, we cannot book your intake.**
    ** Please visit this link to verify your ID if you received an email from us to proceed with your intake. If you did not receive an email for follow-up instructions, we will not be able to assist you in the verification room. **

* ***Please note: Incomplete intake forms will not be processed so please follow the instructions carefully.***

Thank you,
Mango Medical Team – Kingsway, Beresford, Marpole