At Mango Medical Clinic, our main focus is longitudinal family practice. We are experienced in taking care of patients of all life stages, and we are well connected with local resources to support our patients’ health care needs. Some examples of family practice issues we see frequently include:

  • Assessment, diagnosis and treatment of everyday medical complaints
  • Pregnancy counselling and prenatal exams
  • Baby checkups and exams
  • Contraception advice and prescription
  • Chronic disease management
  • Periodic health exams
  • Minor procedures such as skin lesion removal and suturing
  • Preventive health care such as flu shots
  • WCB and ICBC injuries

We also offer services not covered by MSP. Please check the detailed pricing list [TBA].

  • Uninsured office visit (age 2-49): $156 and up
  • Travel advice: $50 and up
  • Forms: $48.25 and up
  • Botox injections: please contact our clinic
  • Non insured cryotherapy: $72 and up
  • Driver’s physical exam: $226

Reference: Doctors of BC