October 15, 2023

To all my patients,

I am writing to inform you that after 4 years, I will be retiring from Mango Medical Clinic December 15, 2023.  Unfortunately, I have not been able to find another nurse practitioner to take over my practice, therefore I would urge you to begin seeking another health professional to take over your care.  

Also, consider using your personal network to find a physician; a family member or friend may be able to ask if their Nurse Practitioner/Doctor is taking new patients. You can also go on websites such as https://bccfp.bc.ca/for-the-public/find-a-family-doctor/ for more resources.

As you are attached to me, and not Mango Medical Clinic, you will become unattached and can no longer seek care at Mango Medical Clinic after December 15, 2023. Please do not contact their clinic as their doctors are unable to accept patients.

As per provincial regulations, a copy of your medical records will remain intact at Mango Medical Clinic but it will not be updated after my departure. Once you find a new provider you can send a written medical record transfer request form that requires your signature and identification of the physician selected. A full copy of your records will be transferred to your new physician at the usual record transfer cost.

Making the decision to leave my practice has not been easy and leaving a practice with so many wonderful patients will be the most difficult part. I have valued the trusted relationship we developed and truly appreciated the opportunity to help you manage your health care needs. Thank you for the privilege of being your Nurse Practitioner for all these years. I wish you and your family the best of health in the future.

Yours truly,

Pippin O’Neill NP(F)