Mango Medical Clinic provides after-hour telephone coverage for urgent medical issues that cannot wait until the next business day. Please note:

  • This service is only available to existing patients at Mango Clinic.
  • The doctors at Mango take turns covering this service, and they usually have a full day scheduled the next day, so please be mindful and only call for urgent medical issues.
  • Since BC MSP does not cover the service of assessing urgent medical issues over telephone after-hours, a fee of $85 (set by Society of General Practitioners and subject to change) is applicable per phone call. The fee is payable by calling our office or upon your next medical appointment.
  • The on-call doctor will do his best to assess the urgency of your medical issue and may recommend treatment suggestions, an urgent next-day appointment at the clinic, and/or when you should visit the emergency room.
  • As the doctor cannot physically see or examine you, you understand that the doctor’s assessment may be limited.
  • You accept the risks involved in having a medical discussion with the doctor, who may be in a public space, over a conventional telephone or cellphone line, which includes privacy breach, loss of signal, or miscommunication.

By calling the number below, you agree to the above.

After-hour call number: 778-302-4392.