Dear Patients,

Since February 2023, we have permanently closed our walk-in service . We no longer provide care to unattached patients at any of our clinic locations. For clarification, unattached patients are individuals who registered at our clinic to receive medical care when they do not have a family doctor or when their family doctor was busy. If you have been seeking care at our Beresford office and would like your chart transferred to a different clinic, please contact us at 778-379-4392.

If you are looking for a family doctor, please visit either BCCFP or FindadoctorBC.

You can also visit our “New Patient” tab for any updates regarding our family doctors.

There are other walk-in clinics providing service to unattached patients in our neighborhood, and there is a new Metrotown UPCC (Urgent and Primary Care Centre) available to provide care to unattached patients:

Thank you.