Here at Mango Medical, we offer a few different appointment types to serve our patients efficiently.

General appointments are booked ahead of time, and they are typically 10 minutes in length unless otherwise approved by the doctor.

Same-day appointments are only available to be booked on the same day, meant for urgent unexpected issues that arise and need to be dealt with quickly.

Fit-in appointments are made when the schedule is full but the patient is willing to come to our waiting room to stand by for a gap in the doctor’s schedule, such as when a booked patient is late or does not show up. The clinic will give the patient an approximate appointment time where there is a fair chance to be seen reasonably quickly. We cannot guarantee when a Fit-in will be seen as it depends on what happens with the other booked appointments, but we generally can see a Fit-in patient within 1 hour of their given appointment time.

Telemedicine drop-in visits are available to Dr. Lin’s patients who have signed up to use the telemedicine service. These do not require pre-booking. Simply log onto Dr. Lin’s telemedicine link during telemedicine drop-in hours and wait to be connected.

We also wish to remind our patients that our clinic has a late or missed appointment policy. Please cancel an appointment at least 24 hours ahead of time so that the time slot can be offered to another patient. Same-day cancellations and no-shows are subject to a fee.